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Dr. Philip Pappas is the owner and founder of Jackson Healing Arts. He was raised on wellness.  He and two other siblings chose chiropractic care as an avenue for helping their community achieve better health. Dr. Pappas has been practicing chiropractic since 1999. He practiced in Jackson Medical Center from 2000-2005 He then opened Jackson Healing Arts and oversees the large practice that delivers a wide range of natural health treatments. It comes as no surprise that Dr. Pappas is well known in his community for making his patients feel better through chiropractic care. He has gained experience and success in also helping people achieve better health through Natural weight loss, nutritional supplementation, bio-identical hormone balancing, and much more. It is his honor to get to know you as a patient and become an integral part of your success in the Jackson Healing Arts family!

“I grew up the oldest of five and we were raised with a wellness mentality.  We watched our parents exercise, we played sports, and ate healthy foods (most of the time).   Chiropractic is what I know and helping others is what I do.  I’m able to pass this on to my family and to my community.”  My Job is to do all I can to provide relief and improve the health of those who chose me as their doctor.  I take this very seriously and promise to treat my patients as I would want to be treated.  I draw on education, experience, and a desire for constant improvement for myself and my patients.”

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This Wonderful lady describes becoming a patient and why she still receives treatment.
She used the New patient special to see if I could help.
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4 years ago

Jackson Healing Arts - Philip Pappas D.C.

TIME has CHANGED how it's delivered but it hasn't changed

This first picture of my children is from an ad I ran a long time ago. This was delivered as a full page insert that would go into something called a “newspaper”. It would be sent to about 17,000 people in the Cape/Jackson area. It told the story of how I chose to be a chiropractor. I had to get it printed and deliver about 6 boxes to the paper press. Now I can type something up, post a pic and there you go.. instant message.
The purpose of this face book special and the original ad are still the same. Make it easy for someone to try chiropractic by removing the initial financial barrier.

This ad and Its newspaper predecessor, have done just that. I have been able to help thousands of people as a direct result of this ad. Sometimes I am the answer to their conditions and other times I just help them find the right path or refer them to the specialist they need.
Those who have come to see me because of this special have told me that they truly appreciate and acknowledge this special as being the reason they reached out to see if I could help.

This special is purely to find out what is going on and to determine what needs to be done to fix or improve someone's condition or health. It is not a commitment for further care but an opportunity to see If I might be able to help.

I've been able to help people with headaches/migraines, neck and back pain, carpel tunnel, disc/sciatic pain. shoulder, hip, vertigo, digestive problems, etc and also just improving the health of many.

New patients will receive an
Xrays(if needed),
and all the services necessary to find out if we can help for $18.
Why $18?, because it's 2018, I have practiced for 18 years and why not.

If I feel I can help someone. We will make it work. Today, most insurances cover chiropractic care. For those who don't have insurance or large deductibles, we have affordable budget plans and financing available.

Call 👉📱(573) 243-5095 Appointments are limited. I will run this special until my schedule prevents it.

When I graduated from Chiropractic college , there was a statistic that stated 7% of the USA population goes to a chiropractor. I recently read that that number is doubled to 14%. I would bet that it's even higher in our area because of the quality of Chiropractors and our involvement in the service and medical community. But there are still many people who are dealing with nagging conditions that we could help if they just gave it a try. This is why I occasionally run these specials. It has been my calling to help others and it has afforded me the ability to care for more patients and my family.
Please share this information with those you know who might be interested.

Thank You for the many years of allowing me to be of service to you.

Philip Pappas DC

Call 👉📱(573) 243-5095 Appointments are limited. I will run this special until my schedule prevents it.
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