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PRP Treatments For Hair Restoration

Hair restoration refers to stimulating new hair growth in men and women that have experienced thinning hair or hair loss. Regardless of why you are losing your hair, it can be damaging to your self-confidence and cause you to live your life differently than you would with a full head of hair.

At Jackson Healing Arts, we offer hair restoration treatments that don’t include surgery or medication and will help you regain your confidence and get you the results you’ve been looking for. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

Put an end to hair loss and help stimulate new growth
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Hair Loss Treatment For Men and Women

Hair loss doesn’t have to be a traumatic event when there are treatments available that will tap into your body’s own healing mechanisms and provide you with the results you need. Many men and women avoid conventional hair restoration treatments because they are either highly invasive or include chemicals you don’t want in your body.

We use non-surgical hair restoration using PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. This is a solution that’s made using a sample of your own blood after it is spun through a centrifuge. During the process, plasma and platelets in the blood separate, and the resulting solution contains several potent healing properties that can repair and regenerate tissue. These healing factors will signal cells in your scalp to multiply and increase circulation that may have been a factor in your hair loss.

PRP therapy has no side effects or downtime and is an effective treatment for hair restoration for men and hair restoration for women.

Some of the benefits you can expect include:

  • Hair regrowth
  • Less shedding
  • Repair of damaged hair follicles
  • No harmful medications
  • No scarring of your scalp
  • High success rate
  • Quick results

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be caused by several different factors, with the most common being genetics. Both men and women can suffer from hair loss caused by family history, and while the psychological effects can be troublesome, there is a viable solution. Some other causes of balding or thinning hair include hormonal changes, taking certain medications or supplements, certain medical conditions like lupus or diabetes, severe stress, losing a lot of weight, nutrient deficiency, surgery or illness, and anemia.

Regardless of the reason for your hair loss, knowing you can do something about it and taking action will enable you to regrow your lost hair and recapture your quality of life. Although hair loss isn’t a life-threatening situation, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a profound effect on your life. Our PRP hair restoration can help you get the results you’ve been looking for.

If you are a man or a woman that has experienced hair loss and have been looking for effective hair restoration, call us today at (573)-243-5095. We will set up a free consultation to get the process started and determine if you’re a candidate for our PRP treatment.